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My specialty is creating high-quality, family-friendly trips to Italy that take the time and worry out of planning overseas travel. My passion is delivering
out-of-the-ordinary experiences that inspire, excite, and leave your family with a deeper appreciation of the people and places you’ve visited.

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Italy is a great place for families to travel: Italians love children. And children love Italy (pizza and gelato, anyone?). But planning a trip that suits everyone’s interests and needs—including finding quality accommodations, deciding which cities and towns to visit, getting everyone to and from the airport and into busy museums—takes planning. And planning takes time. Something active families don’t always have in abundance.
With over a decade of experience in luxury tourism to Italy, I’ve cultivated an extensive network of the highest quality service providers. I love introducing others to the warm, friendly, generous Italians that I know personally. The folks I work with are special people, and have created unique and authentic experiences that can’t be easily recreated without the intimate knowledge of an insider.
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