Make the most of 2 days in Italy’s Cinque Terre

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With its idyllic climate, tiny, colorful fishing villages, and beloved cuisine (pesto and focaccia both are traditional foods of the Ligura region) the Cinque Terre hold a magical attraction for visitors to Italy.

Cinque, Terre
The Cinque Terre, or the Five Lands (cinque meaning five and terre meaning lands), is actually just one small part of what’s otherwise known as the Italian Riviera.

What’s wonderful about the Cinque Terre is that you can easily work in a short side trip as part of a visit to Tuscany—and you definitely won’t need a car.

I liked this short article on how to make the most of a short trip to these enchanting coastal villages.  For a bigger selection and more upscale accommodation options, I’d bypass most of the Cinque Terre, and recommend staying in nearby in Camogli, Santa Maria Ligure, Rapallo or even Portofino.

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